Color boost for spring: Alexandra Kiesel launches her accessories online store!

Time to wave goodbye to your winter wardrobe, let’s get the colors out: You can now buy all the necklaces and belts from Alexandra Kiesel’s latest collection in her brand-new online store!

There were definitely some statement jewellery pieces in the newcomer designer’s winning collection: Using the components of her building block system, Alexandra created forms and figures such as a house, a tanker ship or a mosque. With those shapes dangling around your neck, you’ll definitely add a design eye-catcher to your outfit!

For those who prefer a more minimal style, there’s also necklaces solely made of one of the building block elements, in base colors green, yellow and red.

Also available online now are the belts from Alexandra’s collection: have a look at the color range that you can kickstart your spring-look with!

Whether you wanna brighten up during April showers or spice up a simple dress, Alexandra has a launch gift for all customers: During the first month of the online store, there’ll be a 10% discount on all pieces! Go and get your own building block accessory!

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