Hello Europe – DfT says THANK YOU!

For all of you who are curiously waiting for some news on what’s going on with all the entries for DfT 2012, we can finally reveal some facts!

Europe, you wow us with your talent! We received over 350 submissions and they are right on their way to patron Marc Jacobs. We’re very excited about all the different countries we received applications from!

For the first time, Designer for Tomorrow called for entries from all over Europe, and for the 2012 competition, more than half of the applications are from other countries than Germany. Fashion hotspots like Berlin, London and Paris are coming on strong, but we’re also overwhelmed by great entries from Finland, Croatia and Romania, among many others!

Stay tuned for more info on who’s gonna be the finalists! Looking forward to present you some fresh international young talent designers here soon!

Designer for Tomorrow

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