Countdown for Alexandra – Final fitting before her show!

In an industrial loft in Berlin-Wedding, DfT winner Alexandra Kiesel is the center of a beehive consisting of models, assistants and endless outfit changes: It is the day of the final fitting and less than 48 hours to go until her first own fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin!

Expectations are running high for Alexandra’s new collection „Support your local heroes“, but the newcomer designer is keeping her calm, as always, despite the last ten hours she just spent on fitting her twelve models.
Boxes full of wigs are scattered across the room – those have just arrived after Alexandra had a last-minute idea for her show’s hairdos: „I chose this hairstyle for the models because we first fitted the clothes on my intern Anja, who is of slight build and I noticed how well the designs go with her cool, bold hairstyle! We also swapped one outfit for track pants and a bathing suit, and now it’s all looking good!“ It’s all in Alexandra’s hands – there is no creative director or supervisor to rely on, but the design talent knows exactly what she wants: „The prevailing mood of my show should be joy, and the atmosphere should be laid back at the same time. I don’t want to be the newcomer gag, but I don’t want that stiffness on the runway that you see everywhere!“

It’s definitely been great to see the newcomer talent putting all the inspiration of the last months into a fabulous collection! We cannot wait for tomorrow!

Designer for Tomorrow

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