Together, we make fashion dreams happen – DfT says a big thank you to our partners!

After a whole year of inspiring moments and valuable insights of our DfT winner Alexandra Kiesel, we’d like to introduce our partners who’ve supported the young designer’s work on her first own collection
‚Support your local heroes’:

Clasen is design development that will support your whole value chain for Women’s Coordinates, Young Fashion and Corporate Wear: From the design, color range, cuts, textiles and sizes to shipping!

is the world’s biggest developer and producer of zippers, and stands for a lot more than just zipping up clothes: Wherever something needs fastening or be kept together, YKK is probably part of it!

– The Luxury Shoe Individualizer manufactures made-to-measure shoes – if you’re looking for extraordinary colors or are searching for outstanding design, selve probably has the perfect shoe for you!

Barth & Könenkamp Seiden
just loves silk. The company specializes in importing quality silk from India and China. Frequent visits to the producing countries guarantee only the best silk quality.

the rooters
is a sustainability-orientated company and fashion label which developed and markets the unique natural tanned rhubarb leather as well as high quality rhubarb leather based products. The unique leather is produced entirely in Germany and features all typical attributes of a natural product, showing the individuality and nativeness of the individual skins and is very low in pollutants.

Hair Couture should be at the top of your list, if you are looking for quality wigs and hair extensions brand that carries World Class products.

We’re all looking forward to the results of a great year of cooperative work in creating fashion and the grand finale
of Alexandra’s collection at her show in January!

Designer for Tomorrow

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