We’d like to wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas time!

Despite of all the hard work and busy past weeks, the warm glow of Christmas atmosphere has set in our designer’s studio in Berlin: Alexandra’s interns, Anja and Tamara, took the time to decorate the studio with paper stars and spread festive mood with homemade Christmas cookies and ginger bread. Meanwhile our young creative dressed the little Chocolate Santa with a scarf made out of fabrics from the new collection.

Along these lines, Alexandra and the DfT team wish you all a bright and joyful holiday season!

Designer for Tomorrow

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  1. photography course says:

    I heard a couple of guys talking about this in the New York subway so I looked it up online and found your page. Thanks. I thought I was right and you confirmed my thoughts. Thanks for the work you’ve put into this. I’d love to save this and share with my friends.

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