Collection preview – Alexandra’s new designs!

It wasn’t easy to persuade DfT winner Alexandra Kiesel to reveal first layouts from her new collection! The newcomer designer is currently working on her first own, complete collection, which will be presented in January at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2012. “It’s awesome to only work on my own stuff, but at the same time, such a huge collection demands a magnitude of organization: Buying fabrics, working on cuts over and over again, dealing with press, calculating costs and supervising people who knit, embroider or mill wooden models for me – I am very happy to have my two new interns Tamara and Anja by my side!“ Started out as vague sketches in her small notebook of inspiration, which accompanies her everywhere, these early ideas then form the concept for her designs. Right now Alexandra is sewing samples and coloring them in the tints of her new patterns. „At the moment, everything is still going smoothly. I work twelve hours everyday to keep the last minute stress away from me for as long as I can. So far, it is working out, but maybe you have to talk to me again in December“. In her mind though, Alexandra has got the whole show already planned out. Even though the workaholic talent is keen to hide all unfinished pieces from the public for as long as possible, Alexandra decided to give away one little glimpse to us curious fashion freaks – take a look at some first layouts from the new collection!

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