DfT finalists check – what‘s happening, Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen?

Just a couple of months after the DfT finalists show, Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen is facing his next challenge: The Dutch designer was selected one of twelve finalists in the annual fashion competition of Knack/ Le Vif, once again showcasing his design talent he received rave reviews for.

Drawing from his experience of producing his first collection for DfT, he also successfully mastered the Gen12 show during Amsterdam fashion week: „The most important thing I have learned is that in order to work on such big productions, you need a lot of people to make it work. Making new friends and meeting interesting people has also been a big part of it.“ And while Jonathan is still busy showing his collection to fashion crowds, there’s already a masterplan in progress for next year: „Right now, I am planning on finishing my business plan and looking for ways to finance my company. My goal is to create my new collection and to present it in summer 2012. These designs will then be produced and hopefully sold in several shops!“

Dedication and hard work are definitely part of Jonathan’s recipe for success so far. Beyond that, he’s found his own formula for making it in the tough fashion business as an aspiring talent: „You need to follow your ambition, your goals and your dreams. People will see the effort and emotion you put into your work!“

Designer for Tomorrow

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