DfT finalists check – how’s it going, Marc Buscha?

When young menswear designer Marc Buscha thinks back to the DfT finalists show, he recalls a moment of absolute satisfaction: „Everybody was so positive about it, we all wanted a great show – and I think we really made that happen!“

While Marc would love to conserve his favorite moment, he is also working very hard on his future as a fashion designer. He just finished an internship with René Lezard. „Right now, I want to find my place in menswear, develop my skills and try to understand the system of fashion. I really appreciated getting to know marketing and PR during my time with DfT. There’s a lot of young designers out there, who collide harshly with reality at some point in their early careers.“

Being realistic in the fashion industry is some good advice Marc got from DfT mentor and star designer Marc Jacobs, whom he describes as an ‚honest designer’, who does not deny that he’s working commercially. „You don’t always have to be the avant-garde design newcomer – it’s okay to create ‚wearable’ clothing for normal people. That is how I want to be seen.“, explains Marc Buscha, the young talent. And while the upcoming designer has clear goals for his own fashion career, he’s not jealous of somebody else’s success: „Up until today, I am really happy for the winner of DfT, Alexandra! She designed such a great collection, and I am really hoping for her to relive the same great atmosphere at her next show in January!“

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