DfT finalists check – what has Lena Hasibether been up to?

DfT finalist Lena Hasibether has no time to waste:

The aspiring newcomer put all her effort in completing her S/S 12 collection and went straight to Paris Fashion Week to present her latest designs at Capsule Paris Women’s!

Working on her debut fashion show with DfT and presenting her garments on a big scale has definitely influenced how Lena now pursues her career in fashion design: „Developing a new collection in such a short time, has surely trained my self-management skills. I’m a lot faster in making decisions and working efficiently now“.

“Doing press” was yet another new facet to a designer’s working day that Lena found really inspiring: “The questions I’ve been asked, the conversations during the collection viewing, as well as the exchange with the other finalists have made me think differently about my work!“ Her favorite memory from the whole DfT time is a really hot day in May when she met star designer Marc Jacobs for the first time. “Also seeing the casted models in my own designs, the huge excitement before the show, the applause during the final catwalk and the relief afterwards” have been unforgettable for Lena! “And after all that, I had my most bizarre moment, too: Running into Terry Richardson at the Vogue Party!

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