Throwing her arms around Paris – Alexandra’s journey continues at Première Vision!

Paris, Paris – DfT winner Alexandra Kiesel is not done with travelling yet!

Before she’d get back to her atelier in Berlin to work on her new collection, she was busy collecting more new influences at the Première Vision, the International Exhibition of Clothing Textile. Alexandra was happy to run into her two designer friends Janosch Mallwitz and Mads Dinesen from Berlin on her first day to share insider Know-how. The rest of the day went smoothly: Alexandra ordered plenty of textile samples and visited the halls for leather and accessories. Here, the young designer made a great discovery for her new collection. However, she doesn’t want to give away anything just yet! After two successful days at Première Vision, Alexandra decided to take her last day in Paris off and to continue hunting for visual inspiration at Musèe d’Orsay, home of the largest collection of impressionist paintings in Paris! She soaked in the atmosphere of works by Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Renoir and Degas before she finished off some great days of French ambience with a walk by the Seine. With several Parisian Belle Epoche postcards in her pocket, and tons of new design ideas, Alexandra headed back to her creative workplace in Berlin. We’re looking forward to see which concepts, materials and colors will show up in her new collection!







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