New York Brunch

Bye-bye New York – big breakfast, huge impressions!

On her last morning in New York City, DfT winner Alexandra Kiesel wants it all: At her goodbye-brunch in Central Park South, she orders Eggs Benedict AND pancakes with maple syrup – after a week full of encounters, new impressions and very little sleep, she truly deserves it! Alexandra had already been on her last venture down 6th Avenue to the garment district before breakfast. She ended up in a fashion supply store, and now puts a plastic bag on the table filled to the brim with belt buckles: „Finally, this is my only souvenir to bring home! The belt buckles remind me of the architecture here. They’re very art deco, and maybe I am going to use them for my new collection.“ Tall buildings have not been the only influence she takes home to her workspace. Glazing at meaningful designers’ work left huge impressions on her: „I saw how much simple details like top-quality belt buckles upgrade an entire collection. For my upcoming collection I am going to pay more attention to these things!“ The city definitely has left its imprint on our young design talent, and after a perceived million cab rides crammed into one week, Alexandra has two wishes for a future visit: To finally take the subway and to ride a bike through the concrete jungles of New York!

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