Skyscrapers, busy streets and new colors: City trip and MoMA!

When DfT winner Alexandra Kiesel threw herself into New York City and the September heat, she wisely chose the most impressive and less stressful way of transportation: Sitting on top of a double-decker bus and enjoying the views and the sun! From that perspective, she’s been admiring New York ladies rushing by in killer high-heels, while resting her own feet for the upcoming, busy schedule of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Alexandra also quickly mastered the art of hailing a cab in the NY style and decided to skip a lunch-date to have time for one of New York’s sights she’s been dying to see: The Museum of Modern Art! For a couple of hours, the young designer plunged into the art world, but never completely left fashion behind, taking pictures of things that might inspire her for her new collection. Scribbling down ideas into her notebook, which she carries everywhere, Alexandra had especially been looking forward to see the museum’s impressionism paintings. It’s their atmosphere of departure that she wanted to take a closer look at, which fits strikingly well with her current mood on this big city trip. The young creative took all new impressions with her to the MoMA’s excellent terrace restaurant, overlooking the garden and the striking architectural layers and structures one can observe from this viewpoint. With colors on her mind and some New York cheesecake flavored ice-cream, she let all the new images sink in for a little while, looking forward to the rest of her week full of adventures in the city!

Designer for Tomorrow

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