New studio & travel adventures!

For DfT winner Alexandra Kiesel, September is full of adventures.

While her old workspace was literally bursting at the seams with all her fabrics, patterns and old collections, she was on pins and needles to finally move into her new Berlin studio. With three sewing machines, an old coal stove, her infamous ‚Marc loves me’ shirt pinned to the wall and the sun shining in her face from morning till afternoon, Alexandra now has the space and homely atmosphere she wanted to work on her new collection. For her new creations, which she will present at the next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, the young design talent has already found a theme: “Support Your Local Heroes”. The inspiration for that comes from her artist and musician friends in Berlin, but with her passport already lying on her desk, Alexandra is clearly getting ready for a little more: New York, New York!

The next stop of the Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf sponsorship programme will take her to the Big Apple tomorrow, and she’ll certainly be on the lookout for some new influences to add to her latest styles: How long are New York girls’ skirts right now, and what’s the current trends with collars? Alexandra will definitely soak up some street styles while she roams around in the city’s concrete fashion jungles. If you take a closer look at the design she put on the mannequin in her new studio, that’s actually her outfit she especially designed for attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York and all shenanigans to come. Bright lights, big city – we’ll kepp you updated with all of Alexandra’s upcoming fashion stories!

Designer for Tomorrow

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  1. Uli says:

    nice but where is Alexandra? :)

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