“Designer for Tomorrow” are Designer of Today

Cultivated Comfort – Michael Sontag F/W 2011-12
Michael Sontag’s collections usually do not have specific themes. Nonetheless, everyone whispered “cozy” at Römischer Hof in Berlin on January 21st, when a spirit of laid-back elegance was everywhere.

Hems ending in triangles and dresses which appear to be kaftans and that let you think of a blanket enwrapping your body. Exactly like coats which become capes due to wide cuts and a generous usage of fabrics – the only addition: a filigree zipper.
In his latest show the designer from Bavaria focuses on the sleeves which embody extravagant lengths or straight cuts. The fabric falls lavishly, nothing is tight. Elements like pockets or belts are almost non-existent, Sontag lets the light cotton material fall free and easy – very natural, but sophisticated.

Designer for Tomorrow

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