Parsival Cserer finishes his new collection for the upcoming DfT fashion show

Parsival Cserer’s new collection „KNI+++API“ is nearly finished. With letter press painting, the last pieces are enhanced, refined and got their finishing touch. Like each designer Parsival is asking himself questions before finishing his collection. Should the dress get sleeves or none? Should it be long or short? Are the color combinations too bold or trendsetting?
Parsival enhanced his body shaping knit dresses with new tone-adjustments and unfolded patterns. Thereof color explosions originated in forms of dresses, bolero-jackets, capes and scarves. Closed necklines, rectangle cut-outs in the back and bold straps. Cserer uses tribal art from all over the world and visualizes them in colorful confrontation, like red-ocher, olive-pink, yellow-black – without revealing too much, there is more in case of contrast. The fashion show takes place at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin on January 21st 2011 and the waiting comes to an end!

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