Laura Williams







Surname: Williams
First name: Laura
University: University of Westminster, London
Area of study: Fashion Design
Year of birth: 1988
Place of residence: London, UK

I am inspired by…girls that wear their BF’s clothes
My motivation to take part at DfT is… to progress as a designer and really push myself.
My thoughts about Marc Jacobs: Inspirational, playful concept genius and his high attention to detail from cloth to cut.

What I want to express with my design: Experimental, vibrant pieces with strong quirky functional details.
My collection in three words: Playful, functional and orange!

My passion outside of fashion: Professional hoarder (I like to collect everything and anything)
If you were a fashion piece in 2012, it would be? A piece of outerwear
Your personal message: Can’t wait to get going and I am looking forward to the challenge ahead.


Designer's message

The idea of the collection is really about exploring and the outdoors. When Laura Williams started the collection, she was heavily influenced by Ernest Shackleton’s antarctic exploration. The use of the heavy outwear pieces, knots, buckles and equipment for the expedition was what inspired her. She further researched into travelers and the idea of travelling and it was really about how these travelers dressed and the way they were layering fabrics and items of clothing on the body and how playful you could be with different types or prints of fabrics, which is very much evident in her own collection.

The idea is about being able to have a playful sensibility with fabrics which you will see with the graphical printed knitwear pieces in contrast to the real heavy knitted pieces or the technical outerwear pieces with backpacks attached.

Laura Williams is really inspired by women that wear men’s clothing or girls who steal their boyfriend’s clothes. Both she is guilty of! It’s really the attention to detail and functionality found in menswear which inspires her and she is often referencing menswear in her work.