Lena Hasibether







My name is: Lena Hasibether.
I am: 32 years old.
I was born in: Essen.
My university:
Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences
Three words to describe my idea of fashion: Past, present, future
My favorite designer is:
Haider Ackermann.
My passion outside of fashion: Visiting exhibitions

What I always have with me: Laptop, cell phone, pocket book
The best way to deal with stress: Putting myself in the place of others.
While working I like to be surrounded by:
Creative people, a lot of space.
I find inspiration in:
Everything around me can inspire me, whether it be a conversation, a book, a situation, something that happens or even simply something I’ve found…
The place I associate with fashion:
The workshop, because that’s where everything starts to be realized.
The city that inspires me:
Paris, Berlin
My best fashion investment:
A graduation collection for my studies.
My personal trend at the moment:
Is cork.



Designer's message

The women’s Spring/Summer collection entitled “Assemblage” deals with the theme “collage,” inspired by the artist Hans Arp and Kurt Schwitters, space and body. Through the use of fixed as well as free-moving materials such as cork and silk, coarse cotton and Lycra, this collection plays with both contrasts and dimensions. An important aspect of the collection is a theoretical discussion with the confluence of different social classes in today’s society. This is expressed through a technical solution in the form of overlays and a special technique for bag design. Cork, as a natural material, is shown in the collection to have a new approach to materiality.

In the center is a photo-realistic blend print, through which a real space installation is displayed on the clothes. Through this approach, a modern fashion statement is created. The collection is complemented with sport accessories made from cork, as well as with accessories made out of Plexiglass. The wearer of Lena Hasibether’s designs wants to experiment and allows herself to be taken in by new designs. For her it is important that fashion mean more than only clothing.