Designers 2011



Marc Buscha’s collection ‘Warriors’ is inspired by the urban jungle of Berlin, where he studied fashion at the Academy Fashion and Design.

The 23 year old uses an eccentric mix of traditional loden, silk and knitwear, long silk blouses with unusual prints and leather bows to blur the lines between the masculine and the feminine and thus to achieve equality and strength in this unisex collection.

The young designer from Dresden aims to make self discovery a subject of discussion. The use of large metal buttons and shanks, highly emphasized shoulder cuts and faded grays, intensive reds and the liberal use of black intensify the somber and gritty atmosphere.

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Lena Hasibether’s current collection ‘Assemblage’ requires the wearer to be ready to experiment with fashion.

Inspired by the artists Hans Arp and Kurt Schwitters, the graduate from the FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences uses "Collage" as her theme . Through the use of solid and fluid materials such as cork and silk, coarse cotton and Lycra are played with contrasts and dimensions. An important aspect of the collection is the theoretical discussion of the confluence of today's social classes .This topic is conveyed through technical solutions as overlays or a unique technique of bag design.

Lena Hasibether enjoys to experiment with fashion. It is important to her that fashion means more than sheer clothing.

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‘To see someone in a different light’ is the theme that suffuses Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen’s collection ‘Personatus’.

At first glance, the androgynous cuts and the use of natural colors all appear to point towards a classic and timeless collection. However, the graduate of the Artez Fashion Masters in Arnhem actually questions gender specific fashion by incorporating dresses and skirts in his menswear collection.

The 24 year old who was born in the Philippines and grew up in Holland moreover examines ‘seeing someone in a different light’ in more literal terms.

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Through her collection ‘Baukasten Individualisten 12/6/24’ or ‘Building blocks Individualists 12/6/24’, Alexandra from Leipzig wants to enable the individual to determine how she is being perceived.

The 28 year old, who studied fashion at the Kunsthochschule Berlin, developed a modular ‘fashion system’, which allows the wearer to freely combine the clothes in a truly individual and democratic manner.

The ability to be combined endlessly and creatively by the wearer adds value and meaning to the classic single-colored outfits in red, green, yellow and blue. Little details like collars, square shoulders and narrow belts add impact to the Bauhaus style use of classic cuts and materials.

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Markus Schmidbauer’s collection ‘The Relief from Industrialization’ illustrates the process of shaking off the shackles of industrialization and mass production.

The 25 year old, who studied Fashion and Design Management at the Academy of Fashion and Design Munich, starts his collection with the use of rigid materials, echoing the mindset of society.

In the course of the collection rubber pieces are replaced by latex and leather, which are followed by more lighthearted, sheer chiffon. The garments’ cuts and colors, too, tell the story of gaining freedom, by progressing from bondage-like straps to metallic prints, blouses and dresses. Evening gowns, jackets and coats dominate the avant-progressive collection of this new, radical designer from Munich.

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