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Annalena Skörl Maul

While this text goes online, it is safe to say that Annalena Skörl Maul will be in her atelier in Hamburg sewing, sewing and sewing. Because the up-and-coming designer is going to present a collection during the award show in July that has not been in the making until the end of April, when Annalena learnt that she has been chosen as one of the five finalists for the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow”, presented by Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Duesseldorf, and Fashion ID. The collection that brought her into the final round was her graduate collection at HAW Hamburg: a street wear-inspired collection with elements of Hip Hop music and traditional granny crochet. The up-and-coming designer took the significant elements of the Hip Hop culture such as oversized hoodies and jogging pants which she transformed into exaggerated proportions with meter-long sleeves and trouser legs. And although inspired by a culture that is dominated by men, the collection was for women.

For the award show, Annalena moves on and designs a collection for men called Be.Boy. While leaving the street wear aspects such as the oversized forms and hoodies a little bit behind, she keeps up with her unique feature: the crochet. This time, the crochet teams up with classical tailored menswear. Jersey and cotton will be added with another material, denim. And the items will tend to go further into a men’s wardrobe where one will find suited pieces, slipovers and bow ties – for example, a sweater with an integrated crochet tie. The collection is all in all extremely wearable and includes items pretty sure many people would like to buy off the racks. This can clearly be said about the accessories that Annalena Skörl Maul added to give the collection yet another twist. Special crochet accessories turn the collection from high fashion to casual wear. The collection adds crochet-glasses, crochet-backpacks and crochet-necklaces to his wardrobe! The restrained colors – mostly grey – leave the focus on the materials and silhouettes, but the designer allows some flashes of color to the collection which puts the focus on the details such as a crochet collar on a sweater.

So, what is left is the question, where Annalena learnt to crochet the way she does. Because even when you take a really close look at the perfectly crocheted rows in the clothes, you can’t find a single mistake. It almost looks like produced by machine – but it is not! She learnt the basics from her grandmother. During her graduate collection she got the idea to add this traditional craft to it and took it to another level. For the strings she used, a lot of fine spun threads were quilled to a single yarn that Annalena crocheted extremely strong. She could be named a perfectionist: all threads in a row. Patterns would be too cheerful which corresponds neither to her personality nor her collection. Be.Boy is classical and casual as well as modern with a traditional twist.

Designer for Tomorrow

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